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Chicago Orientations: Support Staff Responsibilities

This list details how orientation attendees are set up for screening and handed off to the Screening Team after orientation. This is how our Mentor Engagement colleagues in Chicago set Screening up for success year over year. To learn more about your screening responsibilities once mentor applicants have completed orientation, please refer to this article. 

Priorities for Chicago Mentor Engagement orientation facilitators and support staff during orientation:

  • Request and upload a photo of each attendee – if attendees do not have an application on file yet, collected photos will be stored here. 
  • Ensure each attendee signs up for a screening interview (using the chat function in Zoom)  
  • Ensure each attendee signs up for fingerprinting here.  
  • Ensure eReference forms are sent out to all applicants (whenever possible- in light of Salesforce issues, the Screening team has taken over that function for now). 
  • Update attendance in Salesforce  
  • Observe the virtual room and take notes on behaviors and contributions during orientation that might be of interest to the Screening Team

Post-orientation priorities:

  • Orientation facilitator or support staff will then fill out this Post-Orientation document that the Chicago Regional Manager/orientation captain prepares prior to each orientation. This document contains data on attendee orientation, interview and fingerprinting sign-ups, who was facilitator and support staff and other relevant notes. 
  • The Chicago Regional Screening Manager will review this document after orientation and fill in details on how attendees were distributed to screeners (either from interview sign-ups or as allocated by Regional Manager) and any notes, need-to-knows or requests for the Chicago Mentor Engagement Team. The Regional Manager will then send a "day after email" to any screeners who are covering that particular orientation, the AD of Screening and applicable Chicago Mentor Engagement team members that links the post-orientation document.