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Chicago Orientations: Support Staff Responsibilities

This list details how orientation attendees are set up for screening and handed off to the Screening Team after orientation. This is how our Mentor Engagement colleagues in Chicago set Screening up for success year over year. To learn more about your screening responsibilities once mentor applicants have completed orientation, please refer to this article. 

Priorities for Chicago Mentor Engagement orientation facilitators and support staff during orientation:

  • Ensure each attendee signs up for a screening interview 
  • Help as many attendees as possible activate their mentor profile
  • Update attendance in Salesforce orientation campaign
  • Observe the virtual room and record notes in the campaign on attendance, matching preferences, and flag-worthy behavior that may arise. 

Post-orientation priorities:

  • Update attendance in Salesforce orientation campaign
  • Ensure anything noteworthy for screening is recorded in their respective 'Post Orientation Notes' section.
  • The Chicago Volunteer Screening Manager will review the campaign after orientation and fill out their team's relevant details and pose any questions for Mentor Engagement if needed. The VSM will then send a "day after email" to screeners and Mentor Engagement so all parties have quick access to the information.