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Bay Area Background Check Procedures

Bay Area Background Check Procedures

Each region operates within different school systems with varying rules and regulations for volunteering with minors. Thus, local staff and assigned screeners must be aware of the procedures for region-specific background checks.

This article describes the Bay Area background check process for school volunteers. There are 2 main safety requirements volunteers must meet before they are cleared to work with a student: 1) clearing a state and federal background check and 2) clearing the tuberculosis requirement.


Bay Area volunteers get fingerprinted by visiting one of the below independent vendors where we have established relationships:
 Red Tomatoes Org
 610 16th Street, Suite 321, Oakland, CA 94612

Postal Annex office
 2010 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050
 The UPS Store at Clay Street (store #167)
 101A Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 94111
 The UPS Store at Van Ness Ave (store #6260)
 77 Van Ness Ave. Ste 101, San Francisco, CA 94102
 (Please note that UPS at 77 Van Ness Ave. is a corner location. There is another UPS nearby at 601 that is NOT the vendor we are established with. Volunteers must confirm they are at the accurate location).
 We receive regular updates on volunteer background checks from the school partner via a shared spreadsheet. The Volunteer Screening Manager for the region makes necessary status updates in Salesforce. Fingerprinting in the Bay Area is specific to each school partner, so even if an applicant has been fingerprinted for another Bay Area school in the past they will need to get re-printed for our schools.

Tuberculosis Requirement:
 The applicant also must be cleared that they pose no Tuberculosis (TB) risk, per California law. There are 2 ways to do this: either by submitting the signed TB risk assessment form (if eligible) or by submitting negative TB test results.

All applicants that attend orientation are required to speak with our contracted nurse practitioner. The NP will review the TB risk assessment form with the applicant. If no risk factors (which are outlined on the form) are present, the form will be cleared and signed by the NP. If a risk factor is present, the applicant will be directed to complete TB testing. After this conversation, screeners will guide the applicant through whichever way they were directed. In Salesforce, screeners should also take note of which TB category the applicant falls into using the "TB Action" field (TB A = does not require a TB test, TB B = requires a test); this field will allow us to strategize follow ups.

All TB materials should be submitted by the applicant directly to our secure Box folder, naming the file with "Last name, First name". The school district has access to the folder and will review all forms submitted there. No forms or test results should be emailed to a screener or local iMentor staff member (this is to protect volunteer privacy). After responding to the applicant, screeners should delete any email containing private medical documents.

Occasionally, a mentor will note that they have "Latent TB" and are not contagious. In this case, they need to obtain a statement from their doctor indicating they are "free from communicable disease."  This comes up rarely, but is acceptable in lieu of new, potentially invasive TB treatments.

Applicants are responsible for all costs associated with clearing the TB portion of their background check, including medical costs for doctor visits, and exams related to the TB clearance.

District Contacts:

Karla Ramos, [email protected] - custodian of records, review background check materials
Jennifer Castro, [email protected] - administrative assistant, reviews TB evaluation and test results