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Standardized Tests

1. Watch this video

2. Review this list of colleges that are test optional for 2020-21 Admissions Cycle. 

3. Review this information from College Board about SATs this fall. Review this information about the ACT

4. Discuss on #Slack

Do you think students should focus on admissions testing this year? Why or why not? If students choose to apply to schools that are SAT-optional, how would you recommend mentors work with them to strengthen other parts of their application?

Optional (Go Deeper) 

Create the tracker "SAT/ACT Taken at Least Once?" Use it to identify students who have taken a college admissions test. Work with your school-based college counselor to understand how students should register for the test if they are interested in taking/re-taking. How will they get access to fee waivers? Which test centers are recommended for students to use?